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The New Look

I've been working with [Image Made Design][http://imagemadedesign.com/] on a couple of projects, most recently (and most successfully) Powerhouse Distribution. When we were winding up that project, [Mike DeKay][http://twitter.com/#!/mikedekay] offered to re-design my website for me. Little did he know that I was trying to figure out a way to ask him do to it for me. I never told him that . . .until now, of course.

So Mike and I went back and forth and I was floored byt the new logo and the new look. He gave me the templates and said, "There you go!" and I had grandiose plans.

Months passed.

The new site wasn't up. Image Made merged with another firm in town and became [Grain & Mortar][http://grainandmortar.com/]. And I still didn't have the new site up. A couple of weeks ago I decided to lay aside my grandiose plans and just decided to do it. I kicked it old school on a lot of this site . . and it was still more work than I thought it was.

But it's still killer. Hope you like it, too.

posted at:Thursday, 20 October 2011 | sites