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New Work: Adia Speer Photography

I just finished working with my friend Adia Speer on her website for her new business -- Adia Speer Photography. Adia had been doing this photography business for a while, and she decided that she wanted to take it to another level, which means that she wanted a dedicated website to market her work.

My wife and I have been a fan of Adia's work for sometime, and when she asked me to help out, I was glad to do it. Adia Speer Photography is the kind of customer I like work with -- a small business that knows it niche well, and wants to grow with that knowledge.

But what I didn't tell her is that I was very nervous about working on her site. Photography sites have to, well, look nice and design isn't necessarily my strongest suite. So, in some ways, I really didn't want to work on her site.

But Adia was a great collaborator. She knew what she wanted and got me the things I needed, and wasn't afraid of telling me things that she didn't like. I didn't mind -- it's her site, not mine.

The finished product is quite good -- we used a canned WordPress theme with a few tweaks. I also tweaked a couple plugins to get them to behave right. That's not too bad -- WordPress has caused me a lot more pain in the past than this.

So, enjoy Adia Speer Photography. And if you are in the South Jersey or Philadelphia area and need a family photographer, you really need to reserve some time with Mrs. Speer.

posted at:Monday, 09 January 2012 | sites, projects